Company Introduction

Shanghai Yifei Clothing Co., Ltd. was established on August 25, 2011. Mainly engaged in high-end women's clothing. We always adhere to the customer first, serve customers with heart, and insist on using our services to impress customers. Shanghai Yifei Clothing is the working home of all employees, and it is a home of tenderness and rules. No matter in terms of extension or connotation, it should be a "LOVE" culture, that is, a "love culture". Love your company, your team, and your customers. This is the external manifestation of "home culture". In essence, LEARNING (learning attitude), OPERATE (execution ability), VALUED (value creation), EFFECTIVE (efficiency evaluation), are the core of "home culture".

Sanfu brand introduction

This is a brand from Taiwan. Ms. Flora's motto is: a woman who is fun, festive and free is perfect! When the Effusive brand was founded, she was convinced that Chinese women should have our own clothing in the big world. Although European and American brands started earlier and are more mature, due to physical differences caused by ethnic differences, aesthetic differences caused by cultural differences, lifestyle differences caused by economic development, and differences in wearing methods caused by climate differences, so What is suitable for Chinese people is important! Since entering the mainland of China in 2002, we have been continuously improving the connotation of the Effusive brand, and we have selected global fabrics and accessories according to the lifestyle of Chinese people, and constantly improved the version and craftsmanship, in an effort to better suit the taste of Chinese people. Decorate every guest's exquisite life with impeccable beauty. Your beauty, self-confidence bloom! Interprets the entire spiritual connotation of "Effusive"! 3ffusive "Fashion Passer", 3ffusive adhering to the cutting-edge fashion concept to all people who love beauty to make fashion more affinity, 3ffusive truly incorporates design into Not only does it bring about changes in appearance and temperament, 3ffusive is also an expression of the pursuit of quality of life. The company also maintains long-term good cooperation and communication with the Italian Armani Company and the Italian Pedro Group. Adhering to the principle of "changing life with design" and creating a multi-level fashion lifestyle, it integrates design, production and marketing.

Sanfo Products

  • 三弗秋冬新款时尚外套图
  • 三弗秋冬新款黄色大衣图
  • 三弗冬装新款优雅外套图
  • 三弗冬季新款黑色时尚连衣裙图
  • 三弗女装秋冬新款图
  • 三弗新款时尚套装图
  • 三弗新款优雅外套图
  • 三弗女装秋冬外套新款
  • 三弗新款优雅外套图
  • 三弗女装秋冬外套新款

San Fu Merchants Join

免费设计全国统一形象的店铺全套图纸,回款达考核指标享有装修补贴。 Decoration advantages: Free design of a full set of shops with a unified national image, and the payment can reach the assessment index to enjoy the decoration subsidy.
包括货架、收银台、中岛等,不包括店内灯具、LOGO字、软装道具等,店铺道具补贴按实际发生额计算。 Container support: including shelves, checkout counters, Nakajima, etc., excluding in-store lamps, LOGO characters, soft-equipped props, etc., shop prop subsidies are calculated based on the actual amount. The shop decoration is completed, 50% will be returned after passing the company's acceptance inspection, and 50% will be returned when the one-year contract expires and the contract index is completed. The return method is in the form of payment.
公司协助客户开业,派专人到店指导,包括人员培训、商品陈列、销售技巧等支持。 Opening support: The company assists customers in opening business and sends special personnel to the store for guidance, including personnel training, product display, sales skills and other support.
依据市场的变化及节假日,适时推出各种灵活、实用的促销方案。 Promotion support: According to market changes and holidays, various flexible and practical promotion plans are introduced in a timely manner. Product manuals and display manuals are provided free of charge every quarter for shop assistants to learn and improve store performance. According to demand, the company can send professional display supervisors to store training every quarter to assist store sales.

Sanfo Products

三弗秋冬新款时尚外套图 三弗秋冬新款黄色大衣图 三弗冬装新款优雅外套图 三弗冬季新款黑色时尚连衣裙图 三弗女装秋冬新款图 三弗新款时尚套装图 三弗新款优雅外套图 三弗女装秋冬外套新款 三弗新款优雅外套图 三弗女装秋冬外套新款 三弗秋冬新款时尚外套图 三弗秋冬新款黄色大衣图 三弗冬装新款优雅外套图 三弗冬季新款黑色时尚连衣裙图

San Fu Merchants Join

享有一定额度的退货率,享有公司业绩返点奖励。 Performance rebate: enjoy a certain amount of return rate, enjoy the company's performance rebate reward.
享有协议区域经营权。 Area protection: enjoy the right to operate the area under agreement.
提供相关人员培训,、卖场布置、货品陈列、销售技巧、促销手段等全方位保姆式服务。 Training support: Provide all-round nanny-style services such as training of relevant personnel, store layout, goods display, sales skills, and sales promotion methods.
全新的品牌经营理念,用新零售思维颠覆传统的运作模式。 Brand new concept: Brand new brand management concept, subvert the traditional operation mode with new retail thinking.
公司庞大而优秀的设计团队,确保每季SKU数量及每周上新速度,并且按波段、色系上货。 Team advantage: The company's large and excellent design team ensures the number of SKUs per season and the new speed every week, and the goods are delivered in bands and colors.
公司可提供销售终端系统,方便经销商管理及大数据分析。 System support: The company can provide a sales terminal system to facilitate dealer management and big data analysis.
1. The store is located in the core business district of a prefecture-level city or an economically developed county-level city. The area of the shop facing the street is more than 100 square meters, and it requires a double door and a width of more than 7 meters. Side halls with a shop area of 80 square meters or more
2. The stores are located in the main commercial streets, shopping malls or shopping malls in the core business district, and there are brands of the same grade in the surroundings, such as elder brother, Yaying, and Amazing.
3. Agree with 3ffusive's business philosophy and management model, have a good experience in operating women's clothing, and have a certain economic foundation and social relations.
4. The specific store location must be reviewed and approved by Sanfu Headquarters, and the decoration should be carried out according to the company's unified image.
5. The customer has certain influence and social resources in the local area, and can maintain the brand image and enhance the brand influence.
6.The customer has certain economic strength, and the order will be able to pay the advance payment in time for each order;
7. Remittance and shipment timely in accordance with the company's loading requirements every quarter.

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Brand Name: Sanfu International Fashion
Contact: Li Yan Join Hotline: 13916218881
Company Address: 3 / F, Building 7, Lane 1199, Ji Zhai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

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