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Target consumer groups:
First purchase amount:
10,000 yuan based on shop area
industry category:
cooperation method:
Agent, Franchise
Delivery discount rate:
contacting via phone
company name:
Beijing Unique International Trade Co., Ltd.
Franchise fee:
Zero joining
Exchange rate:
contact number:
10,000 yuan
Key investment areas:
Beijing Tianjin Hebei Shanxi Inner Mongolia Qinghai Ningxia Gansu

ONEONLY company profile

ONEONLY national multi-brand operation management company
ONEONLY North China regional brand agency
ONEONLY Retail Academy Education, Training Cultural Center
ONEONLY North China actual combat brand, successful profit model
ONEONLY was established in 2004. With its excellent reputation, high quality service, keen perception and insight, the company has always kept pace with other industry leaders. We advocate the cultural concept of "thinking about clothing and preaching in clothing". We use continuous refresh as the driving force to switch between different thinking windows. We always have the ability to survive with the times, thus training a strong and professional team. .
ONEONLY's brands: Bright Fashion International, Canio, Mano Bifi, Queen's Queen, Charm Girl and many other fashionable women's brands Up to now, the company's brands have spread all over North China (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong, radiation Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and other provincial capitals and prefecture-level markets).

Brand style-The design is inspired by Italy's international fashion capital, with elegant and refined noble taste of life, and full of spirituality and delicate emotional fusion, telling the story of dressing; creating an international urban feminine, European and Korean, fashion style.
Commodity image-intellectual, fashion, classic, modern psychological age-20-45 years old commodity demand-multiple commodity price levels-price band 299-2000
Consumption characteristics-the attitude to chase freedom, fashion, refinement and taste

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ONEONLY brand introduction

认可公司运营模式和管理制度,可与公司共同发展和成长; 1Recognize the company's operating model and management system, which can develop and grow together with the company;
具有合法经营许可的个人或法人; 2 An individual or legal person with a legal business license;
具备品牌意识,有长期的发展眼光;能亲自参与经营管理;具有一定的组织管理能力,并能与人和睦相处;具有良好的信誉及商誉;身体健康,善于合作;经营者本人定居于开店所在地; 3 Have brand awareness and long-term development vision; be able to personally participate in business management; have certain organizational management capabilities and be able to live in harmony with others; have good reputation and goodwill; be healthy and good at cooperation; the operator himself resides in Store location;
有零售运营经验、了解零售如何管理,有良好的品牌运营意识; 4 have retail operation experience, understand how retail management, have a good sense of brand operation;
要求经营者具备一定的自有资金和流动资金;店铺经营面积,要求省级80平米以上,市级50平米以上,县(区)级、终端30平方以上。 5 Operators are required to have a certain amount of their own funds and working capital; the shop operating area requires more than 80 square meters at the provincial level, more than 50 square meters at the city level, and more than 30 square meters at the county level
1. Intended customers understand the cooperation model and invite to visit Beijing;
2.Intention customers come to Beijing for business negotiations;
3.Understand and determine the mode of cooperation;
4.Pay the brand cooperation intention deposit-sign the brand intention cooperation contract;
5. Settle the brand cooperation fee-sign the brand cooperation contract;
6.Market research and analysis, site selection, and measuring scales;
7, a decoration design plan, the customer confirms, starts the decoration and arranges to make decoration props;
8.Recruitment, project, professional knowledge, store operation management and other related training and assessment;
9.Guidance and brand promotion in the pre-opening period; planning and preparation of opening event plans; allotment of the first batch of goods and decoration props for opening;
10. Official opening, supervision to assist the successful completion of the opening ceremony;
11. The store is operating normally, tracking and guiding throughout the process, assisting in ordering, replenishment, and exchange, assisting in improving performance and developing steadily.


1. The company has a professional brand operation team and management personnel with rich practical experience, from site selection, decoration, training, customer acquisition, product distribution, opening to overall store management (goods, employees, customers, finance, return and exchange) (Cargo, logistics) support throughout the process to ensure that there is no worries about terminal operation and management;
2. The company has 7 major women's clothing brands, all of which are designer original brands. It can cooperate with single brands and multiple brands. It has a large choice of space and flexible profit methods.
3.Large and mature designer R & D team, thousands of cost-effective women's clothing are updated in real-time every quarter;
4. The first batch of franchising agents returned and exchanged products in a high proportion, saving operating capital startup funds, giving customers a true and worry-free cooperation experience, and comprehensive services;
5.Provide a complete set of brand VI supplies for free to unify the brand image and enhance brand influence and publicity;
6. The second selection of goods adopts a pressure-free autonomous model with a unified discount of 4.5%. Seasonal goods can be exchanged at a high rate to solve customer inventory pressure;
7. Provide free decoration design plan, unified decoration style, unified door
8. Free professional training; professional training from theory to practice, brand introduction, style positioning, fabric knowledge, color diagnosis, clothing matching, product display, store management, staff training, sales skills, etc.
9. The regional agency right of the partner can be regarded as a property right, which can be inherited by its legal successor.
多品牌,原创设计,每季度上千款货品,支持首批免费铺货,切身体验盈利模式; 1. Goods support: multi-brands, original designs, thousands of products every quarter, support for the first batch of free shop, and experience the profit model first-hand;
专业团队亲临当地进行商圈调研,合理预算,精准选址; 2. Site selection support: a professional team visits the local area to conduct a business survey, reasonable budgets, and accurate site selection;
公司提供整套装修设计图,全程指导、验收,可提供优质装修团队进行施工; 3, decoration support: the company provides a complete set of decoration design drawings, the entire process guidance, acceptance, can provide a high-quality decoration team for construction;
风格定位、色彩诊断、造型搭配、销售指导、商品陈列等专业培训; 4, training support: style positioning, color diagnosis, styling, sales guidance, product display and other professional training;
提供全套VI用品,促销礼品等店面经营所需用品; 5, VI support: provide a full set of VI supplies, promotional gifts and other supplies required for store operations;
电视、报刊、杂志、网络等全面投放; 6. Advertising support: TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.
开业前期筹备、宣传指导,制作开业活动方案并协助完成; 7. Opening support: pre-opening preparations, publicity and guidance, making plans for opening activities and assisting in completion;
纳客、留客、会员管理、异业联盟等运营方案的实施、指导; 8. Operational support: implementation and guidance of business solutions such as customer acceptance, customer retention, member management, and cross-industry alliances;
根据区域、季节、节假日以及销售情况,有针对性的策划促销活动方案,指导并配合完成; 9, promotion support: according to the region, seasons, holidays and sales, targeted planning of promotional activities programs, guidance and cooperation;
配合、指导各个区域合作商核算、结算收益,保证财务数据的精准; 10. Financial support: Cooperate and guide the calculation and settlement of revenues from various regional partners to ensure the accuracy of financial data;
店铺管理、货品管理、人员管理、财务管理、会员管理、培训管理。 11. Management support: store management, goods management, personnel management, financial management, member management, training management.

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ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面 ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面 ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面 ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面 ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面 ONEONLY品牌旗舰店店面


Address: Room 6035, Fuhai International Building, Fengtai District, Beijing

Contact: Manager Zhu Mobile: 18911286264
Contact: Miss Zhong
Landline: 010-87282358

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