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Bu Gen Xiang brand clothing was founded in 2000, is the main women's clothing brand of Hangzhou-Zehang Clothing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yizehang Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful shore of Xizi Lake.
The company headquarters established a franchise chain for the Bugenxiang brand in 2003, and established a 2000 square meter product display and distribution center and a 1,000 square meter fashion conference show in the "Hangzhou International Clothing City"; meanwhile, it is equipped with a batch of excellent, High-quality talents serve the Bugenxiang brand. Now major capital cities across the country have established branches and established a sound marketing network and service system.
The Hong Kong business planning company and Hangzhou Sirius Advertising Planning Co., Ltd., which are set up by the company, organize overseas searches and absorb fashion and trending brand elements many times a year, and strive to refine the essence of "Bu Gen Xiang". Constantly updated in the image display, with the market change as the guide, given: "ELEGANT", "LEI
The soul of SURE "and" FASHION ". The designer interprets simple, gentle, elegant, casual and stylish exquisite medallions in a simple and natural style; combining international fashion trends, absorbing international brand elements, and drawing inspiration from nature, fully Unlimited creativity. The Bu Gen Xiang brand uses selected fabrics, superb craftsmanship,
The simple and natural leisure style is favored by consumers.
We always respect nature, and nature is real beauty!
Bu Gen Xiang creates a "trivial, true self" story.
专注快时尚女装十多年 Enterprise strength: Focus on fast fashion women's clothing for more than ten years
打造杭州都市休闲潮流女装品牌 Corporate Vision: Build Hangzhou Urban Trendy Women's Wear Brands

Bu Gen Xiang brand interpretation

Modern urban white-collar beauties, no shortage of high-heeled shoes under the shackles of high-lined collars, smart skirts to make rapid steps. Modern or professional pretense is the main theme of working life,
It melts the romance of "clouds, clothes, flowers, and toes"; lingering on the high walls of the city, the unique charm of women is in the cold computer screen and the dull data table cycle.
The wings of imagination were chopped ... Returning to Park Guizhen has become a mist that people's hearts can't dissipate for a long time.
A dream of pursuing nature and seeking the true self made a young, hot heart beating, carrying a warm dream, and a white-collar beauty embarked on a dream-seeking journey. She is determined to find her own outfit, to truly carry on the romance, to find the exclusive fashion of female charm. She walked through every corner of the city, watching the misty bamboo rhyme, listening to the breeze entering the pavilion, admiring the mountains and flowing water ... embracing the embrace of nature.
"Return to the truth, Bugen is fragrant." Whenever she was in the poetic ancient town, stepped on the Xingyu Arch Bridge, and watched the clouds and clouds under the sunset at dusk, her mind flashed with these eight words, The innocence and serenity from the heart, the thought of facing the true self, permeates every cell of body and mind. The lock of dreams suddenly opened, and I was so excited that I couldn't calm down for a long time. The original journey was changed into a round of discovery in search of feminization and simplicity, and the desire for innocence and nature ...
Since then, Bu Gen Xiang has drawn inspiration from nature on the basis of blending European and American international brand styles with urban fashion personality elements, and has given full play to unlimited creativity.
The woman who indulges in liberating herself returns to the dream of returning to Pugui, designing simple, romantic and classic clothing styles. It highlights the design style of “beautiful, gentle, and beautiful”, while adding the unique cotton and linen patterns of the brand and cultural connotation to create the unique charm of modern women's self-confidence and elegance.
Everyone has a dream: Bu Gen Xiang-realizing his dream into the scenery of the city!
BRAND INTRO brand interpretation
The Bu Gen Xiang brand is based on the design style of "beautiful, gentle, and beautiful", with the brand's unique cotton and linen patterns and cultural connotations to create a modern female style.
Keep up with the trend of fashion and leisure urban women.
25-45岁的时尚女性风格定位:快时尚、欧美休闲、轻优雅、基础百搭价格定位:春夏款159-399,秋冬款259-1499 Customers: 25-45-year-old women's style positioning: fast fashion, European and American casual, light and elegant, basic wild price positioning: spring and summer 159-399, autumn and winter 259-1499
简约、浪漫、经典 Clothing style: simple, romantic, classic
New products are released throughout the year. 600-800 models are first introduced, and 100-200 models are added during the new period.
The company's one-stop dedicated person is responsible for follow-up maintenance and sales training, and is responsible for guiding and assisting in improving terminal performance;
With more than ten years of development, the company is closely aligned with the market. With its unique retail operation model and rich products, it can make franchisees easily operate;
The company strictly implements internal and external control standards for products, quality inspection of fabric accessories, and strictly controls the quality requirements during production.

Bu Gen Xiang Products

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Bu Gen Xiang Merchants Join

Free participation fee high return
Company design shop drawings for free,
Renovated according to company requirements
The company gives certain decoration props support
The company gives certain seasonal product support
Shelf support, store POP advertising support,
Product training support, store operation guidance, etc.
1. Have certain economic strength, good reputation and serious and pragmatic career attitude.
2. Street shops or shopping malls with a business area of 40 square meters or more;
3. Have up-front venture capital.
4. Experience in the clothing industry is preferred.
5. Abide by the headquarters' unified price policy and other operating norms, and maintain the company's brand image.
6. Willing to accept regular unified training and assessment of the company.
7. A legal person or individual with full capacity for civil conduct.

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Bugenxiang Contact

Hangzhou Yizehang Clothing Co., Ltd
National franchise phone: 0571-86531710
Contact: Mr. Xia Mobile: 13757143923
Address: 1 / F, Building 6, Xinyun Golden Block, Jiumu Road, Jiubao Town, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

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    Bu Gen Xiang brand clothing was founded in 2000, is the main women's clothing brand of Hangzhou-Zehang Clothing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yizehang Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful shore of Xizi Lake.

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    Bu Gen Xiang brand is based on the design style of "beautiful, gentle and beautiful", creating the unique charm of 25-45-year-old fashion women with confidence and elegance.

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    The designer interprets simple, gentle, elegant, casual and stylish exquisite medallions in a tone that is simple and natural; combines international fashion trends, absorbs international brand elements, and draws inspiration from nature to give full play to unlimited creativity. Bu Gen Xiang brand is favored by consumers with its selected fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, and simple and natural leisure style.